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Rich Russian market, wide range of brands of domestic and foreign manufacturers and a high competition in the country forced Russian manufacturers look for additional product sales markets. If only a few years ago, the quality of Russian products left much to be desired, but now the use of high technologies, using of high-quality accessories, well-established quality management system re-emerging and newly established enterprises enables the Russian manufacturers enter the European market.

We know how to make the way to the European market is less arduous. To do this you just need to get the right to label your products with the CE mark. CE Mark – a sign confirming that the product complies of the European Union Directives.

European Union Directives apply to products intended for placement and (or) start-up to the EU member countries market.

With the support of our European partners, we will provide you with a fully receive CE marking rights, as well as help to adapt in the European market.

Accreditation Certificate

SAMTES is accredited as competent and independent testing laboratory by Association of Analytical Centers “Analitika” – ILAC and APLAC member


CB Certificate

SAMTES testing laboratory is accredited as CBTL in IECEE CB scheme.

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+7 (495) 246-29-04