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Test Center
JSC STC "SAMTES" accredited as competent and independent testing laboratory by Federal Accreditation Service of Russia and the Association of Analytical Centers "Analitika" - ILAC and APLAC member
Conformity assessment
Conformity assessment - is evidence that the specified requirements for products, process, system, person or body have been met
Standardization - activity for develop- ment, publication and application of standards, the establishment of rules, regulations and specifications in order to ensure product safety and safety of works and services of for environment, life, health and property
About «SAMTES»

Scientific Test Center «SAMTES» was formed in the early 90s of the twentieth century. In early 1993, the initiative group of young scientists and engineers, with the financial support of the US business community has created the first in modern Russia testing laboratory whose purpose was to test the equipment in compliance with national standards While a flood of imported products in our country, the security checking and quality which It requires professional systematic approach.

Russian Scientific-Technical Conference “TechnoEMC-2017”
"Dipol" Company invites you to take part in the 4th Russian Scientific-Technical Conference "Technology, measurement and testing in the field of electromagnetic compatibility — TechnoEMC-2017" which will take place in Moscow on March, 28-29, 2017.

The conference program includes lectures of leading specialists of companies, organizations, colleges and Universities in EMC field, and representatives of Rosstandart and other Federal State Bodies.

The discussion will include the following items:

The new acts of legislation and national standards EMC requirements and its implementation issues.

The use of EMC research modern methods and equipment design and modeling.
The development and progress of EMC methods for forecasting and evaluation.
Organizational, methodological, engineering and technological activities to ensure EMC of nuclear power facilities, mobile and stationary marine facilities, on-Board aviation equipment, ground and on-Board equipment of space technology, automotive electronics.

Development of test equipment for EMC parameters assessment in the field and laboratory conditions.
EMC testing metrological assurance, the use of modern mobile measuring complexes, conducting interlaboratory comparison tests, calibration and certification of testing equipment.

Immunity of technical means to electrostatic phenomena and protecting electronic devices from electrostatic discharge modern methods.

The development of methods of lightning protection of technical means.
Technical means immunity to the distortions of mains supply and to nonconforming electrical energy.

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